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  • Data wydarzenia 13 września 2023
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  • Publikacja 03 września 2023
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PHIG we współpracy z Advantage Austria, Belgijską Izbą Gospodarczą, Niderlandzko-Polską Izbą Gospodarczą, Polsko-Kanadyjską Izbą Gospodarczą, Włoską Izbą Przemysłowo-Handlową w Polsce, Polsko – Luksemburską Izbą Gospodarczą, Polsko-Portugalską Izbą Handlową oraz Włoską Izbą Przemysłowo-Handlowa w Polsce zapraszają na spotkanie networkingowe w Warszawie - BACK TO BUSINESS Mixer.


Polish – Spanish Chamber of Commerce

together with other bilateral chambers of commerce and the Warsaw School of Economics

are pleased to invite you to join



on 13th of September, 2023 at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

at Warsaw School of Economics, Al. Niepodległości 162, Warsaw.


Agenda of the event:

17.00 - registration

17.15 - welcome

17.30 - presentation of Cemba

17.45 – business mixer

19.00 – networking cocktail


Participation is free of charge for one person per member company. Registration for member companies by 9.09.2023: https://forms.office.com/e/etPT7ciT1T


The cost of participation for non-associated companies is 200 PLN + VAT per person. Interested companies please contact: m.wasaznik@phig.pl


The meeting will be organised on the basis of a well-known Speed Mixer.



1.            The first part of the meeting - the Back to Business Mixer - can be attended by only one person from the company. The second part - the Networking Cocktail - may be attended by a second, additional person. The cost of participation for the second person by company is 200 PLN + VAT.

2.            On the day of the meeting, each participant will receive an individual schedule, based on the completed application form. However, the organizers do not guarantee meeting the companies from each sector the participant indicated in the form.

3.            Participants will be divided into groups of up to 10 people. In each group, the participant will introduce himself/herself to the other group members in an approx. 2-minute speech. After about 20 minutes and an exchange of business cards, participants move on to the next group, according to the individual schedule presented at the beginning. The number of groups in which a participant will be able to present his/her own company will depend on the number of applications.

4.            The talks will be held in Polish and/or English.

5.            For companies affiliated with the Chamber, participation is free of charge. In order to participate, please complete the registration form by 9.09.2023.

6.            The cost of participation in the meeting for non-associated companies is 200 PLN + VAT per person. In order to participate, please contact: m.wasaznik@phig.pl.

7.            Please be advised: registration is binding. If you do not submit a cancellation by 9.09.2023 and do not attend the event, you will be charged 200 PLN + VAT (both: affiliated and non-affiliated companies).