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Design a mural for the Racławicka 7 investment - Syrena Invest company competition has started.

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  • Publicación 03 abril 2024
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Syrena Invest announces a competition for the artistic mural project that will adorn the western façade of the Racławicka 7 building. The intimate investment is entering its final stage of realization.


Given the character of Old Mokotów, the mural's theme will encompass the image of a nurse from the Mokotów units during the Warsaw Uprising. The author of the winning project will receive a prize of 5000 PLN. The deadline for submissions is April 12.

The latest investment by Syrena Invest at Racławicka 7, whose completion is scheduled in November of this year, seamlessly integrates into the existing urban fabric, complementing the streetscape of Racławicka Street. To highlight the district's history, which is deeply inscribed in the pages of Warsaw's history, the developer has decided to embellish the building's side with a mural. The competition for its design has been honored with the patronage of the Mayor of the Mokotów District in the city of Warsaw, Rafał Miastowski.

"We are aware of the significance that Old Mokotów and its history hold for Warsaw, so we would like our investment, which is taking place in a district marked by heroism, to, through art, make reference to its historical events and, at the same time, emphasize the culture and wonderful human stories. Racławicka 7 is a special project within Syrena Invest's portfolio," says Marianelly Hernández Reyna, General Director of Syrena Invest.


The Mural: An Opportunity for Artists

The main contractor is bringing to life the vision of architects who designed the building's façade in shades of graphite, anthracite, white, and sandstone, partly finished with noble coatings and façade panels, and at the ground level with accents in old gold color. Sheet metal works, balcony divisions, and glass railings will be crowned with metal elements in anthracite color. The investor has designated the building's east façade for a creative space. The competition's mural should symbolically represent a nurse from the insurgent units of Mokotów.

"The role of developers is to introduce housing offers that meet the needs of customers, but also the local aspects and traditions of the place. Therefore, we entrust the space to artists so that, through the proposed theme, they can access and make reference to history, while also testing their creative skills in urban space. I am convinced that together we will create an exceptional work," encourages Marianelly Hernández Reyna.


Syrena Invest's premise is to maintain the mural in sepia tones, to harmoniously blend with the architects' concepts of the building and the prestigious character of the district. There is much at stake: the winning project will enrich Warsaw's space, and its author will receive a prize of 5,000 PLN from the developer.

The competition entries must be submitted by April 12; they will be judged by a jury appointed by the organizer, whose decision will be announced a week later, on April 19. Detailed information about the competition and regulations can be found on the "Design a Mural for Investment Racławicka 7 - Syrena Invest" page.


About the Investment

It is important for creators to pay attention to the common spaces of the Racławicka 7 investment, inspired by the art deco style, which will be finished with high-quality elements and decorations, railings with wooden handles, large mirrors, and lighting elements. The color palette of the interiors in shades of soft white, gray, and gold will create a unity with the exterior façade, and the proposed materials will give the building an elegant and modern expression.

Racławicka 7 is a prestigious investment distinguished by its quality in terms of form, architectural details, and materials used. The 5-story building will feature 20 bright apartments of varying sizes, with balconies or terraces, 19 investment premises for office spaces or rentals, 2 commercial premises, and a two-story underground garage with 43 parking spaces. Visualizations can be found on the investment page.


Syrena Invest

The company was founded in 2007 thanks to the initiative of a Spanish investor, whose scope of services includes residential and commercial construction, project management, and investor support. The developer's portfolio includes, among others, four completed investments in Warsaw: a building at ul. Jaktorowska 8 in Wola with 104 apartments and 10 commercial premises, a part of the urban project Miasteczko Wilanów - a building with 67 apartments and 2 commercial premises, and a project at ul. Mińska 45 in Praga-Południe with 156 apartments, 5 commercial premises, and 5 offices. The latest completed investment is Klukowska 54 in Targówek, which includes 3 segments with 61 apartments and 85 parking spaces. The developer has several projects in preparation, with the closest one consisting of 49 apartments to be implemented in Grochów. An application for its construction permit was submitted last week. Syrena Invest is a member of the Polish Association of Developer Companies and the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce.


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