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Ehma chooses the Polish Paweł Lewtak as hotel manager of the year 2021

Pawel Lewtak, Board Member at Syrena Hotels (which owns three hotels in Central Warsaw) and General Manager at the Polonia Palace Hotel, is this year’s winner of the prestigious award “European Hotel Manager”, that EHMA – European Hotel Managers Association – annually confers to a member who has achieved results of excellence in hotel management during the preceding year and all over his/her career. » más


Katarzyna Saganowska appointed Director of TMF Group's Global Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Division

At the beginning of June Katarzyna Saganowska assumed the position of director of the Global Customer Due Diligence Centre, a global department tasked with ensuring regulatory compliance in the area of combating and preventing money laundering, and ultimately protecting the TMF Group's reputation. The team of more than 20 people managed by Pole will advise TMF experts located in 80 locations around the world. » más


TMF Group's European Centre in Katowice will employ more people than planned

A few months after TMF Group’s Regional Delivery Centre in Katowice began operations last year, more than 130 people are already working there. This is more than planned for this stage of the RDC’s growth. Moreover, recruitment advertisements have attracted such well-qualified candidates that the Group’s management has decided to increase the employment ceiling at the end of this year from 300 to 350 positions. » más


Pole a global leader at TMF Group

March 2, 2021 - Dagmara Witt-Kuczyńska, who previously managed the Accounting and Tax practice for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) covering Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, has taken on the role of Global Practice Leader responsible for delivering services to TMF Group's international clients. » más


Nuevas publicaciones de KPMG para el negocio

Nuevas publicaciones de KPMG para el negocio tratarán, entre otros, sobre: previsiones de los gerentes de las empresas automotrices, las modificaciones a las disposiciones de leasing de coches, el proyecto de ley sobre las primas de publicidades o los cambios previstos en los períodos de subsidios. » más


Blockchain – a revolution in the financial sector?

Will blockchain technology revolutionise the financial industry? By 2025, the value of the global blockchain market is forecast to exceed USD 21 billion, and 10% of global GDP is likely to be stored in blockchain, with more and more economic sectors opting to use this technology, including the financial sector. Polish banks are rapidly embracing this new technology and already working on further implementations. » más